You are welcome to access our AISA Library Catalogue, where you can also view reading and research resources:

Located on the top floor of the school’s villa, our library is the information center of our school and is an integral part of achieving the school’s mission of developing creative problem-solvers, independent lifelong learners, and respectful and compassionate global citizens. The library is available for all students and their families. Students visit the library for story time and for book exchange weekly with their class. It is also open to students during the daily enrichment period.


The core collection comes from the former American School of Tripoli, along with the addition of more than 650 new titles ordered specifically for our school. Additionally, there are reading and research resources located on the library catalog’s homepage, which you are welcome to visit:

“Children should learn that a library is a passport to enjoyment and information. Long after a child has grown up and left school behind, the library will be open to him. And if a student has learned in childhood how to use its facilities, that person has at hand an invaluable source of recreation and reference. Libraries are one of the important privileges of our national life.’” By Mary Abuthnot, Children and Books, originally published in 1958 and found in a box from the American School of Tripoli, Libya.

American International School of Algiers,  05 bis Chemin Mackley,  Ben Aknoun,  Algiers,  Algeria -  Telephone: 213 (0) 23 375 072

American International School of Algiers, 05 bis Chemin Mackley, Ben Aknoun, Algiers, Algeria - Telephone: 213 (0) 23 375 072