Supported by the U.S. Department of State’s Office of Overseas Schools, AISA delivers an American curriculum based on the challenging academic standards that have been developed by Project AERO (American Education Reaches Out), see Our teachers are all native English speakers, who are familiar with best instructional practice, and who provide a student-centered, inquiry-based learning environment.


Additionally, our mission is to provide students with the knowledge of and appreciation for different world cultures, including those of our host country, so that they develop a respect for each other and for our planet. It is also our goal to ensure that students will be able to move easily into American and other English-speaking international schools when they leave AISA.


American International School of Algiers,  05 bis Chemin Mackley,  Ben Aknoun,  Algiers,  Algeria -  Telephone: 213 (0) 23 375 072

American International School of Algiers, 05 bis Chemin Mackley, Ben Aknoun, Algiers, Algeria - Telephone: 213 (0) 23 375 072