AISA is governed by the Board of Trustees. Guided by the AISA Constitution and By-Laws, the Trustees approve all programs, budgets, and other matters of significance, and focus on policy and the fiscal heath of the school. The Trustees meet a minimum of four times yearly, including one open meeting for parents.


The Trustees work behind the scenes to ensure the successful continuation of the school, including assisting with fund raising and public relations.


The Chairman of the Board is the Chief of Mission of the Embassy of the United States of America in Algiers and appoints the other four Trustees. A majority of the Board must be U.S. citizens.




   U.S. Ambassador John Desrocher, Trustee Chairperson

   Ms. Ginger Campbell, U.S. Embassy, Trustee Vice-Chairperson

   Mr. Nathan  Siefert, U.S. Embassy, Trustee Secretary

   Mr. Georges Assi, Trustee Treasurer

   Mr. Ramz Hamzaoui, Finance & Fund Raising Committee


  AISA Director, Judith Drotar, is responsible for daily operations of the school.


Back row left to right: Nathan Seifert, Board Secretary; Selma Mouterfi, Recording Secretary; Georges Assi, Treasurer; Front: Ginger Campbell, Vice-Chair; Judith Drotar, Director; U.S. Ambassaor John Desrocher, Board Chair.

American International School of Algiers,  05 bis Chemin Mackley,  Ben Aknoun,  Algiers,  Algeria -  Telephone: 213 (0) 23 375 072

American International School of Algiers, 05 bis Chemin Mackley, Ben Aknoun, Algiers, Algeria - Telephone: 213 (0) 23 375 072